March 2011 - March 2014

three Years



Music: Krzysztof Penderecki, "48 responses to Polymorphia, Overhang"

Photographers unknown to Me:  this video-audiovisual is an Homage to them too.

Message receved from a young Man in Syria

from Syria to the world

I have dreamed , I have seen, I have Wanted
I am hopeful
I have yelled , I have screamed , I have Asked
I am peaceful
I have bled , I have died , I have Struggled
I am powerful
I am determined To be FREE ..

I can end the hope, but I can't stop the Needing
I can downgrade the voice, but I can’t stop the Speaking
I can bind the wound, but I can't stop the Bleeding ..

I have been called a Bubble,
I turned into corpses under Rubble,
I became the lonely worldwide Trouble,
whenever i was crushed , i increased - i Redoubled ..

In a world of Shame, I stand Proud,
my name is Syria , I’m three years Old ..

three years of Carelessness,
of facing Destiny
too much of Talkativeness,
of killing Ceremony
three years of Consciousness,
of sharing Agony
a great sense of Togetherness,
of perfect Harmony ..

three years and I :
keep beating as the hearts are Shattered,
catch breathing as the lungs are Tattered,
hold crying as the dead bodies are Scattered,
still dreaming as the sweet memories are Battered ..

the crazed tyrant rules with Force,
his synthetic justice always so Hoarse,
the leaders of the world, they Endorse,
liars, hypocrites, without Remorse ..

the crazed tyrant pillaged my Land,
started to kill life wherever it's about to Stand ..

for my people ~ for Syrians
How much more will they be Terrorized ?
How much more will they be Victimized ?
How many martyrs should they lose
to deserve your seeking Help ?
How many sacrifices should they pay
to get a real support instead of Yelp ? ..

oh World !
Do something before it’s too Late,
Don't criticize Islamic-groups and Dictate,
they came to help, they came to pull war's Weight,
they're better than you, they share our same Fate ..

do you know what ?
do nothing because it's really too Late,
a lot of innocents you have Ate,
the hole enlarged at an alarming Rate,
it will gulp you & deface your own birth Date ..

for sure the letter won't reach to a presidential news
i believe you ~ who read this and feel Helplessly,
i believe that governments control their people’s
i blame the world standing alongside the regime
Fiercely ..

my homeless Syrian boy! please continue to Laugh,
keep your eyes closed & your back towards the horrific
sh*t over the non-human rights Organization,
walk with head Held up ..
i have lived 3 years Duration,
i have learned the meaning of not Give up ..

you don't think that's not fair
you don't think we are consuming the same air 
maybe you are not included, maybe you care 
but don't read and stare 
just feel and press share 
remember Syrians in your prayer

Mð Ash


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